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The Oyster Man's exquisite Courtesan Gems, [from Cortes Island waters], are our favorite oysters bar none.  

- Sal Howell, owner of the world class River Cafe restaurant, Calgary, Alberta

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Cortes Island Shellfish Interpretive Center And Web Site

A tribute to Cortes Island

The words "Cortes Island" and "quality shellfish" are synonymous in many parts of the world. Cortes Island shellfish growers pride themselves in their ability to grow and harvest a superior product from the pristine waters of British Columbia's north-central coast.

Feature Article Potential for the Shellfish Industry on Cortes island

Two years ago, in an article published on www.cortesshellfish.ca entitled "The State of the Shellfish Industry on Cortes Island," I pointed out some of the problems facing the Shellfish Industry, and stressed the need for immediate change. Much has happened since then; some positive, some less so.

By Marcel Creurer

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Did you know...
America's first cookbook contained a recipe for oyster ragout. In 1859, residents of New York City spent more money on oysters than on butcher's meat.
Featured Recipe
Barbecued Oysters with Mustard Sauce
Marcel Creurer, Orchard Bay Eco-Culture Ltd
Remove top shell from medium-size Cortes oyster; top with 2/3 mayo & 1/3 French mustard mix. Cook over BBQ until golden.

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